Have your iPad or iPhone producing floor plans like a pro wherever you may be…

· “Drag and Drop” physics with graph paper makes Planit2d an extremely user friendly floor planner
· Save your house plans so you can resume at a later date
· Multi-level home design capabilities
· Import your own sketch
· Create your block of land before you create a house
· Pre-defined rooms, fittings and furniture with graph paper grid
· Plan your room blueprint using industry standard sized furniture
· Modify any room floor plan with ease
· Entire floors can be duplicated, mirrored and moved with the drag of a finger
· Save your completed home design to your device photo album
· Export your house plans at high or low resolution and add a grid, sketch, graph paper, dimensions and a scale bar
· The ability to split and/or hide sections of walls – no architect required!
· Dynamic room stretching with realtime dimension read-out on your house plan
· Don’t like the name of a pre-defined room? Simply change it to your desired description
· Move or hide room labels in those smaller spaces
· Customizable settings, units of measure and colours
· Add text or notes to your house design
· A number of “freedraw” items are available for adding detail to your home design. Limited only by your imagination
· Duplicate an entire project blueprint
· Share your house plans on Facebook or via text or email directly from your device
· Create a house design blueprint ready for construction from your sketch, no chief architect required
· Print via Airprint directly from your device (must have an Airprint enabled printer)
· Find us on Facebook. Don’t forget to “Like” us


The Block Sky High 2013 Floorplan

The “Angled House”

The “Renovator”

Classic Country

Courtyard Sketch Development

User Floorplans

Publish your design ideas here…. simply email your P2D image including your name and location via the contact button

A Musician’s Ideal Home – May 2013

Mr B’s Double Story – July 2013

Simon K. and his WBN Masterpiece


26.02.2014 – Planit2D LITE has arrived…. grab this fully functional version (minus save abilities) and start designing immediately….. Update to Planit2D full version for the ability to save and export finished images….Don’t forget to rate and review on the App Store.

28.06.2013 – Planit2D v1.1 with “Multi-level” capabilities is HERE…. This is a first on the Appstore and it looks fantastic. Paul at Smarterapps has done a great job, check out the Floorplans tab and look at the “Angled House”

07.06.2013 – Planit2D v1.0.3 with “Multi-level” capabilities is almost here…. testing the version at the moment and it looks fantastic.

01.05.2013 – Keep an eye out out for v1.0.3. in the coming weeks….This will be a massive update with the addition of multi level designs….. yep thats right, basements, 2nd levels, blocks of land…. can’t wait for this one….stay tuned

18.04.2013 – What people are saying




Basic room layout iPhone/iPad App

Adding detail to your design iPhone/iPad App

Using freedraw tools iPhone/iPad App

Basic controls and image export

Exploring the options


How much does Planit2d cost?
You can be producing house plans in the palm of your hand for around the price of your morning coffee….. Or if you prefer to try before you buy, Grab a FREE copy of the Fully functional little brother – Planit2d Lite (minus the save abilities)

Do I need to know house design guidelines to use this app?
No, Planit2d makes it easy for anyone and everyone to design a home. If you imagine it, chances are, you can create it.

What if I have difficulty using Planit2d?
Planit2d is extremely user friendly, however if you do have any trouble, check out the tutorial videos.

Can I design a multi-storey house?
Planit2d supports multiple floors. Tap on the current floor button on the right of screen to see all available floors. Tap a floor to select it and this will also give you the available floor editing options like mirror and duplicate. There is a special Land Floor that sits below all other floors where you can add a land region to your sketch. There is a special Sketch Floor that sits above all other floors where you can insert your own sketches to trace from your photo library.

How do I import a sketch?
Planit2d supports adding your own sketches to your project so that you can trace them. Tap on the current floor button on the right of screen, and choose the Sketch floor. Tap the background to dismiss the floor selector. Tap ‘Sketches’, then ‘Import Sketch’ and choose a photo from your photo  library. You can move, stretch and update the transparency of the sketch by tapping on it when you are on the sketch floor. Tap the floor selector to change back to another floor to begin tracing your sketch. Your sketches will appear above all other floors and will stay fixed in place. You can go back to the sketch floor at any time to edit your sketch.

Is Planit2d available on Android?
Unfortunately Planit2d is only currently available on iOS.

If I want to make a suggestion, where can I do that?
Just click on the Contact button to the left and leave your name, email address and comments.